Which currency is valid in every country?

“Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.ā€

This makes you think. Breaking it down to the basics, everything in the universe is so simple and laid out for us. It was born this way. But being the wonderful species that we are, we’ve taken this simplicity and overthought ourselves into becoming a much more purposeful creation.

Democritus forgot one thing though. Besides the space and the atoms, there is energy. Energy guides the ferocity of our opinions and the fire behind our eyes.

Moreover, each beating heart transports an array of frequencies waiting to be heard. In fact, there is no such thing as solidity in our universe. Every form is created by underlying vibrations.


In a world where everything has a price, so do our experiences. When we focus on something, we “buy” that experience. In this materialistic world, energy is the true form of currency. Letting our consciousness flow into an experience, we feed it energy and allow it to amplify and resonate.

Which type of experiences are you willing to buy?

Those very experiences fade into memories, and what does man love more than memories?

Waking up from 2am, take away that the difference between meeting anger and despair or tangling yourself in warmth and laughter is the amount of currency you are willing to spend.


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