Here and Now

I asked the sky one day

Since it was so vast and infinite

I asked if it ever heard our queries beneath?

It laughed and asked me what issues I had so small

To His heart, I unfolded my greatest wishes and desires


Rid me of the safeties of civilization

Let me run wild and feel the wind dance through my hair

Rid me of the burdens and responsibilities of sophistication

Let me unite the child’s innocence trapped in my soul

Rid me of these tremors troubling my mind

Let me laugh until every inch of my body radiates with glee

Rid me of these invisible chains

Let me fight fearlessly for all greatness that awaits

Rid me of these uncertainties

Let me believe I can breathe upon the highest of mountaintops

Rid me of these delusions warping the world

Let me experience here and now


Here and now, I breathe

I breathe in crisp air

I breathe out impurities of tranquility

Here and now, I stand

I stand upon wet green grass

I stand with my toes drenched in the dewy promises of a morrow

Here and now, I see

I see the ground dancing with its subtle steps

I see the earth forgiving its inhabitants of yesterday

Here and now, I taste

I taste the water moist resting from hollow babble

I taste the silence in its might

Here and now, I listen

I listen to the chirping of the birds

I listen to the rhythm of the cicada’s might

Here and now, I feel

I feel the morning air chill my meaningless surface

I feel the light bickering to keep me warm

But that is all.


Here and now does not mean I feel anything that is not.

I do not feel the heartbeats of tomorrow

Filled with uncertainties and anxieties

I do not feel the contest of yesterday

Filled with regret and sorrow

I can only be what I am

Because I am enough

I am here.

And I am now.


The sky stood in awe, and disappeared

Leaving the day gray in its absence

I stood there

Waiting for its return

The sky came back covered in the brightest shade of blue

I asked again

Why, when I had shown my innermost desires had it left?

The sky apologized

After all these years, it thought us so small

Small in size and small at heart

After hearing my words so loud

The sky raced to pass my message to those beyond


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